The cardiovascular division is one of the main and core division in Avicenna healthcare solutions. With an experience in this sector of more than 10 years, we ensure to collaborate with partners that consistently provide the most advanced, latest technologies in both diagnostic and therapeutic areas.

Our Partners:



Products under this division are:


  1. Task force Monitor.

The Task Force® Monitor made by CNSystem is an all-in-one device for continuous noninvasive hemodynamic and autonomic assessment.

It is the state-of-the-art diagnostic tool to study syncope and autoregulation of blood pressure and has further established as an appreciated expert-tool in various research fields.


  1. Osephygeal temperature monitoring.

CIRCA’s S-CATH™ Hot & Cold Esophageal Temperature Monitoring System enhances esophageal temperature monitoring with multi-point temperature sensing. 12 temperature sensors on a soft, flexible self-expanding probe which conforms to the shape of the esophagus and provides maximum esophageal coverage. The CIRCA System is accurate in the extremes of both Hot and Cold (down to 0°C) temperatures.

  1. Enhanced External Counter Pulsation.


Lumenair EECP Therapy System  by VSK medical combines proven medical technology with enhanced styling in a compact model that’s easy to operate to treat refractor angina and heartfailure. As a result, therapists use it with confidence and physicians rely on its performance at hundreds of centers worldwide.


  1. Cardiac Ambulatory monitoring devices.

We provide various modalities of cardiac monitoring  including  regular 24hr holter, Event Recorders, mobile Cardiac Telemetry and the novel Patch leadless Holter.