The use of information technology in the healthcare sector is rapidly expanding amongst all hospitals due to the increased demand on the healthcare system. Avicenna healthcare solutions strive to enrich this division with our partners to bring increased efficiency to the healthcare sector.

Our Partners:


Products :

  • OneView CRM

Oneview CRM is a software developed by Scottcare company to be used at centers that provides service for cardiac implantable devices. The software is used to manage all implantable devices during implant, in clinic follow up sessions or remote follow up sessions. The Oneview has the ability to integrate to the hospital EMR or HER and create a bidirectional communication channels to create a seamless and paperless and organized environments for the cardiologists to achieve a better care for the patients

  • VersaCare

Is Industry-leading cardiac rehab telemetry technology made by Scottcare company that provides your clinic with a wealth of features and benefits.


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